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October 27, 2023 · changed the group description.

Matlock Power goal is to support the youth in our communities. We aim to create a positive platform for parents to share their best practices that have helped their youth achieve their goals. We plan to collaborate with local schools, community centers, and youth sports’ organizations that will foster positive outcomes. Our goal is to provide scholarships to Middle School student’s families. We want to share the values we have learned and experienced.

I have been coaching youth for over 25 years and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I appreciate the diversity and richness of the cultures and environments that I have been able to impact positively. I continue to seek ways to be a constructive force in my community. I want to share my practical wisdom with others who have the same passion for their children’s success, as they transition into young adults.


    Matlock Power goal is to support the youth in our communitie...
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