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Having ADHD can make your head spin with ideas, deadlines, tasks, etc. The best thing to do is to put everything on this Weekly Planner!

Weekly Planner Features:

  • Priorities with consequences

  • Habit tracker with a marker for you to track your daily habits easily

  • Boxes of Mon-Fri tasks: Planning by summing up your week using quick short words for each day's task

  • Reflect part to note reflections.

  • Weekly questions: questions to remind you what have done or things you keep forgetting

  • Upcoming events or special events to plan your upcoming event in general

  • Prompts for weekly brain dump: it is great for you to take a few minutes a week to declutter your mind and thoughts every week.

Daily Planner Features:

  • To-do list by visual symbols and Fumble triggers

  • Top priorities with consequences

  • List of tasks that you need to complete SOON or LATER

  • Time blocking

  • Your important schedule

  • Something you have to make, buy, or clean today

  • Brain dump and Mood rating parts.


  • Weekly and daily planner in details

  • Matte cover

  • 120 pages

  • 6" x 9" paper size

ADHD Planner: Tracker Journal For ADHD 6 inches X 9 inches

SKU: B0B7CS6GYTe4t6gfdsdef
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